Document Type : Research Paper


M.A. in Knowledge and Information Science, Head of Kermanshah Public Library General Secretariat, Kermanshah. Iran


The purpose of this study is to investigate the trend of the movement of Iranian public libraries in Kermanshah towards green libraries and sustainable development. The research is a descriptive-survey method. Data was collected using a checklist and a researcher-made questionnaire. The research community was the managers of the public libraries of Kermanshah, numbering 96 people. Using the Cochran formula, the sample size was estimated to be 76. Data with SPSS software Analyzed.
The findings showed the highest savings in paper consumption and the lowest in transportation. The rate of paper consumption was the highest average (3.70) and compliance with environmental standards in transport has the lowest average (1.83). The libraries in terms of moving towards green libraries and sustainable development from their viewpoints are relatively good and slightly above average. The importance of environmental standards for strategic goals and the codified plans of public libraries and environmental education in libraries was below average and poor. The findings also suggested that public library managers were more than average interested in creating a green room or office to study environmental standards and environmental issues in public libraries. The results of the research showed that the National Public Libraries Institute should be pursued more effectively with the establishment of binding directives and regulations for moving towards green libraries and sustainable development. Although the situation of the public libraries examined was relatively good from the point of view of their authorities, a great deal is ahead of reaching the ideal situation.


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